Monday, 2 November 2015

Self Love

We give our loved ones affection and appreciation but we forget the most important person in our lives. Our selves! When we love ourselves, we are better able to love those around us, we have more energy and oomph for life and we're happier.

Here's 10 things to do to show yourself love. 

1. Tell yourself you love you. 

Stand in the mirror and and tell yourself how much you love, adore and appreciate you. This may feel hard at first but with practice everyday you will come to love yourself more and more.

2. Make a list of the things you love about yourself. 

Your skills, talents, traits, beliefs and values. Be creative if you like and use different colours to write, write anywhere on your page and/or draw pictures along with your words.

3. Take time for yourself regularly. 

 I used to think it would be selfish to take time for myself, especially as a mum! However, I realised when I take time for me to meditate and take care of myself I'm more present and pleasant with others and have more energy for other tasks in my day. 

4. Forgive yourself. 

We all make mistakes, forgive yourself for your mistakes and forgive yourself for judging yourself when you've made a mistake. 

5. Feed yourself wonderful food to provide your body with nutrition and vitality. 

Show your body love and appreciation by feeding it nutritious delicious food and eat it mindfully, enjoying the experience. Feel grateful that we live in such a wonderfully food rich society where all of our needs are met abundantly. 

6. Listen to your heart. 

At times, we may feel low, perhaps something isn't going the way you'd like or you're just having a bad day. Take some time to sit in quiet contemplation, ask your higher self and guides for assistance and work out your problems. Try not to suppress your feelings as they will cause other problems later, know that the answers you need are within you and work towards letting go.

7. Spend your time and energy on people and things you love. 

Sometimes our lives become full of toxicity; people who suck our energy dry and things we feel we have to do but don't like doing. Spend more time with people who love you and find gratitude in the things you do. As you focus more and more on love, toxic people and things will drop away over time. 

8. Accept that life has ups and downs. 

You can't have only one side to a coin. Good and bad only exist in contrast to one another. I used to believe that life could all be peaches and cream and hoped one day everything would just fall into place and I'd live happily ever after. What I didn't realise, is that by holding onto this belief I was hurting myself because I was unable to handle the downs that came after the ups and would even spend time in the highs just waiting in dread for things to go wrong. Now that I've accepted the highs and the lows, I'm grateful for the lows as they're an indication that I would like something to change and they make the highs feel good in contrast. 

9. Love your strengths and your flaws. 

No one's perfect and if we were, what would be the fun in that? There'd be no room for discovery, change and growth. Love all of your traits that make up the unique and wonderful you.

10. Give yourself affection. 

Hug yourself, kiss yourself, do things for you that you would do for a loved one. Value you and show yourself that you know you deserve love and affection. Give yourself the same attention you would give to someone else you love.

Wishing you love and light



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