Sunday, 13 December 2015


Being mindful is a wonderful practice which brings you into the bliss of now, creates gratitude within you and de-stresses you much like meditation. Mindfulness pulls you into the present where you sense your true self and your connection with all. Here are some ways you can be mindful.

The most obvious way to be mindful is through meditation. Meditation is about being in the present, knowing and sensing your true self. It is the bridge between here and source and the awareness of the present. 

Another way outside of meditation to practice mindfulness is to hold a mundane object in your hand, something that has no significant meaning for you and has no writing on it. Close your eyes and imagine that you are new to this world and have never seen anything before. Open your eyes and look at the object in your hands with no thought. Do not label it, remember you're imagining you've never seen anything before so you have no labels or judgements. This exercise will have you seeing in the now, what is infront of you. You may realise that most of your world is labels and judgements in your mind and you spend most
of your time thinking about everything rather than experiencing completely. Now is all there is, past and future only exist as thoughts in your mind.

Once you have done this exercise and you have shifted from being in your mind to being here, in the now, you can then choose to shift to the now any time you like. You can be mindful watching your children play, while being in nature, while bathing, while with your partner, even while doing the dishes.

Another great exercise is mindful eating. As you eat, do it with full attention. Use your senses in the moment to feel and taste your food. Not only will you enjoy your meal entirely but you'll also take your time and chew properly ensuring you get the most out of your meal.

Speaking of senses, you can use any of your senses for mindfulness. Close your eyes and listen to the sounds around you completely, practice "no thought" by completely listening.
Listen to the silence in between the sound. Touch a flower's petals or a pets fur and feel how it truly feels without labels. Breathe deeply and focus on your breath.

Feel and sense each part of your body, feeling your energy within. If you're unsure how to do this, close your eyes and without moving or touching your hand with the other, ask yourself, "how do I know my hand is still there?" Notice yourself sense the inner energy of your hand.

Practice  realising and noticing that you are the awareness of your thoughts and feelings, not the thoughts and feelings themselves.

Being mindful can transform your reality as you notice more in the moment and you sense your true self and oneness. This brings a sense of appreciation for life itself and inner peace. You realise that many of your problems are only thoughts which you've been holding onto and do not exist right now in the present. You find yourself transcending your ego and letting go. 

Have fun playing with mindfulness, use your senses to discover the joy of being mindful. 


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